Perma bans for chat seem silly

My account was just perma banned today. Seems kind of silly but it is they're rules and I am sure we sign off on it when we start playing the game. The only thing drives me nuts is the money I've invested into my account and the riot points still on my account unspent. I can't see anyone getting upset over a ban on this game, except for the money they have invested. Because you can literally shrug it off and start a new account and keep playing. Well then what's the point of the ban I ask ? I can see banning people for INTING which most people throw around every game like its nothing but few have seen actual INTING. Or AFK multiple times ( and I get RL happens ). Banning someone for chat just seems silly. (A) Because chat really isn't used for anything except trolling and being toxic and chit chat/humor- in my experience. (B) Toxic chat doesn't really effect game play AND the person who might be offended can MUTE all or a specific person. (C) why not just get rid of in game chat or just perma ban in game chat for the person. (D) We don't really know the person or persons giving the ban hammer to these accounts and by that I mean we don't know if its 20 year old's……30 year old's……..40,50,60.....each era, culture and religion finds different things offensive. I guess all in all ban chat or remove it or transfer money or skins to your new account in which I stated why ban in first place. I get this might fall on deaf ears, but I have noticed policy changes over the years in the game and in other affairs so it doesn't hurt to speak your mind. If you feel wronged you should speak out and try your best to make policy changes.
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