10 game chat restriction for 1 Game.

I will not say Im innocent. I flamed the Ashe for flaming me. However. I said maybe 10 things to her. Nothing more than banter really. After months of keeping my chat entirely turned off because the community is mind bogglingly toxic i turned it on yesterday to play with a buddy and forgot to turn it off today. I talk ONE game in chat and get a 10 game chat restriction. To add on to that. The blitzcrank bot said i was reported a whopping 11 times over the past 20 games. So out of 180 possible reports i took 11. Most of which were on games where i never even said a word. Where is that logic? What warrants a 10 game restriction for something so small. Chat Logs and Picture below. As ive said im not denying i opened my mouth but why bother even having a chat in game if you type one game and get muted for it. El GhÖsTy: yea El GhÖsTy: im done El GhÖsTy: nty El GhÖsTy: useless adc's game after game. love it El GhÖsTy: and still El GhÖsTy: you do nothign El GhÖsTy: my lord El GhÖsTy: you were 10 miles away El GhÖsTy: straight up open bot El GhÖsTy: this ashe is braindead El GhÖsTy: you sure? El GhÖsTy: she ran away from a 30hp morgana El GhÖsTy: ashe has one of the highest lane pressures in bot and shes playing passive js El GhÖsTy: varus was at 1/4th hp El GhÖsTy: and i was still full El GhÖsTy: no excuse El GhÖsTy: im gonna go ahead and mute you. you're clearly ignorant lol El GhÖsTy: i mean you're refusing to play near a nautilus El GhÖsTy: i cant do ANYTHING for you El GhÖsTy: why are you even playing adc if you refuse to play the role El GhÖsTy: i literally setup the morg after her spellshield went out El GhÖsTy: and you were running away El GhÖsTy: works wonders El GhÖsTy: man El GhÖsTy: if we had an adc El GhÖsTy: -_- El GhÖsTy: doesnt matter El GhÖsTy: morgana wasnt the problem in lane El GhÖsTy: varus was the problem El GhÖsTy: like El GhÖsTy: i engage when morg misses her Q El GhÖsTy: and ik her spellshield is down El GhÖsTy: she only counters me if her Q is up El GhÖsTy: incorrect El GhÖsTy: adc needs to learn not to play passively with a nautilus that knows what he's doing [All]El GhÖsTy: pretty sure our adc/mid refuse to ff El GhÖsTy: doesnt matter who. its just wasting time at this point https://i.imgur.com/z4vm9xa.png
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