Challenge: Every Champ Can Support

I've always been of the belief that unlike other roles, support has a unique kind of elasticity about it, that makes it so that pretty much every champ can support. Of course, this is just my belief, and I'm well aware that champs that are considered meta supports will be much more desirable options than champs that aren't. I think it's that aspect of it that would make this challenge interesting. Would it take longer for me to win as meta supports versus non-meta ones? What factors would be taken in to account in me winning? This journey will be part an analysis in to that, seeing what my teammates think, any important games that occur besides my victories, all of those sorts of things. I'll also post about how I felt the game went, what strengths and weaknesses there might be in playing a particular offmeta (or meta too) champ in the support role, how I eventually found success from it through my own actions, or if I just got carried. The order of champs I'll be doing this in is randomized so I don't necessarily expect anything in particular with each new champion. I'll only be doing this in solo-queue normal games so as to not inconvenience anyone that's in ranked. As I am low silver, the games will be done from a low elo perspective, so they won't necessarily reflect what might happen in high elo. Regardless, I think it'd be an interesting experiment to do, and I'm creating this thread as a multi-purpose sort of thing to explore just what happens when you might pick non-meta supports, or with the meta supports, how low elo normal games in general go. Also, if a champ I'm going to pick gets banned, or someone else picks it, I'll just scroll down my list until there's one I can pick and play. As I use a number randomizer to select what I'll be playing in what order, I segment it in to blocks of ten champs so that it doesn't take an hour to convert the entire thing (and also because it looks better in Notepad). The first ten champs I'll be doing are: {{champion:63}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:112}} As of this post, I've lost one game as Brand, and since he was banned in my next lobby, I picked Vlad and won with him. As someone that's generally inexperienced with playing him, I'll share how my experience ended up going. {{champion:61}} {{champion:412}} / {{champion:202}} {{champion:8}} I suppose I didn't really have much time to experience Vlad support to its fullest potential as the game ended as an ff@20, I picked up on the fact that Vlad does most of what he does through his empowered Q, so I leveled that up first. His W was great for dodging Thresh's hook+flay. I didn't seem to need his E much, although during one gank I suppose having it would help. His R is wonderful, and it's what secured 2 out of my 3 kills. I suppose being against an Ori APC helped a lot when it came to winning, although the entire game itself was a bit weird. Our Camille was dominating top lane but D/Ced so their 0/5 Yasuo ended up winning lane, but it didn't seem to matter. We were way up on kills, and had their botlane and midlane towers down. I didn't really feel all that threatened playing Vlad support that game, although I feel like I should have in normal circumstances. From the twenty minutes I played him, which isn't all that much, I'd say he's one of those champs that could technically work as a support, but because he'd eventually need greater gold income, it isn't all that worth it. I'd for sure recommend him as an offmeta pick though. With that, it has taken less time to win as Vlad than it has Brand, which, to be fair, that game was lost because a teammate disconnected. I should point out that there wasn't any complaints in chat select because of it, which I expected there to be. Anyways, I hope you guys find this interesting. As I've found ranked not really that fun or rewarding anymore, I figured I'd set myself challenges that I could do without, to try and generate content for myself. I hope you find the results of this little experiment worthwhile.
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