tanks in current meta

people are arguing that tanks are good and strong despite shit win rates with shit pick/ban rates. lets see what every one else thinks. now average or base line pick/ban % is about 7% top lane tanks {{champion:98}} 50.4% win rate 4.2% pick rate 0.4% ban rate {{champion:27}} 50.7% win rate 1.5% pick rate 0.2% ban rate {{champion:14}} 50.9% win rate 1.5% pick rate 0.1% ban rate {{champion:516}} 50.5% win rate 3% pick rate 0.3% ban rate {{champion:31}} 48.9% win rate 2.2% pick rate 0.6% pick rate {{champion:78}} 47.9% win rate 2.1% pick rate 0.6% ban rate {{champion:57}} 49.0% win rate 0.7% pick rate 0.1% pick rate jungle {{champion:20}} 52.3% win rate 3.3% pick rate 1.4% ban rate {{champion:154}} 52.5% win rate 5.8% pick rate 1.8% ban rate {{champion:32}} 49.9% win rate 2.8% pick rate 0.6% ban rate {{champion:79}} 46.3% win rate 4.2% pick rate 0.7% ban rate {{champion:33}} 49.1% win rate 2.4% pick rate 5.6% ban rate {{champion:113}} 44.2% win rate 1.6% pick rate 0.6% ban rate mid lane {{champion:3}} 50.0% win rate 3.2% pick rate 1.1% ban rate support {{champion:111}} 52.0% win rate 13.4% pick rate 24.7% ban rate {{champion:53}} 52.3% win rate 14.7% pick rate 36.8% ban rate (and this is a stretch to call him a tank ) {{champion:89}} 51.8% win rate 11.1% pick rate 9.0% ban rate {{champion:44}} 49.3% win rate 1.1 pick rate 0.1% ban rate {{champion:12}} 47.0% win rate 3.8% pick rate 0.9% ban rate {{champion:201}} 45.5% win rate 3.6% pick rate 0.9% ban rate odd balls that travel in different lanes {{champion:54}} overall 49.35% win rate 8.88% pick rate 13.40% ban rate {{champion:223}} overall 43.99% win rate 0.89% pick rate 0.43% ban rate out of all the champs listed we have 4 champs with a 50% win rate or better with above a 7% pick/ban rate one boarder line just shy of 50% but above 7% pick/ban rate those champs are {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:111}} plz discuss and tell me where im wrong?
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