Poll: Bring back the PROJECT Capsules for a bit longer??

Riot did an amazing job bringing those PROJECT missions, skins, and capsules. The PROJECT capsules gave almost EVERYONE so much for a great price. If Riot brought it back for like 1 more week, they would have a win-win situation. The players/customers can buy the highly rewarding PROJECT Capsules, and Riot can make more money :) I got 50USD in my account thinking that the Project capsules would stay in the shop until the PROJECT tokens were gone but it was gone the day after I got the RP and when the capsules were gone. Riot could make an announcement like "Because of success of the PROJECT event (or whatever it is called) and many requests to bring back the PROJECT Capsules, we decided to bring the PROJECT Capsules back into the shop for a limited time." I hope Riot sees this poll. IF YOU HATE RIOT AND NOT WANT TO SUPPORT THEIR COMPANY, OR JUST DON'T PLAN TO SPEND MONEY ON PROJECT CAPSULES, DON'T ANSWER :D
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