Im SO TIRED of people saying "ONE SHOT"

If you kill someone from 90-100% IN A SINGLE ABILITY OR AA ... you "one shot" them. If someone is low, and you kill them in a single shot.... sure, go ahead and say "one shot" However, if you do 2 or 3 abilities, and 2 AAs, all within 1 or 2 seconds, IT IS NOT A ONE SHOT. I WoW we had a term "Global" as in "I just Globaled that guy!" meaning you killed him within the global CD for spells. About 1 second. Why can't people just say, "Blown Up", like "I just Blew that guy UP" or "Exploded" or "Burst". It is almost as bad as people calling a Root, a Stun..... #notoneshot
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