I play Smite sometimes.

There are few things that I really like about this game. Some things are better than Lol, and some are worse. But the most I like the tanks and warriors there. If u play them, there is no way for u to die instantly. Seriously. They are actually TANKY, and tanks can tank whole team for a lot of seconds (but not killing few enemies in the same time like in tank meta back in days in League). They are doing their job. If u are warrior it's not like any range champion can just kite u to death. U can even be tanky enough to disengage if need. Whats even more funny, even squishes are not deleted in 1 second, as u can't land all ur skills and auto attacks so quickly there. It would be good if League had same thing right now. Thats all what I wanted to say, thanks.
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