As a man, I'm glad I've never experienced sexism or harassment

It feels great that I've never walked by a parking lot at my local park and seen someone waiting in their car roll up the window and lock the doors when she saw me. I'm so happy that I've never experienced anyone crossing the street with her Pomeranian to avoid me a few months ago. Fortunately, I've never had a cop pull over and ask me some real friendly questions about who I am and what I'm doing and if I live around here while talking to the precinct on her radio while I'm on my way to help a disabled person build accessibility tools so they can pursue their Ph.D. I'm absolutely relieved that, while visiting a friend out of town a few years ago, his neighbors didn't invite us to their house while the wife was drunk and high and therefore in a mood to run her finger up and down my thigh and try to kiss me while her husband pretends nothing's happening because she does that whenever she's drunk and high so it's okay. I'm so privileged that I haven't had meager job opportunities with three college degrees, years of experience, and an excellent performance record while my sister can ditch job after job and not only keep getting hired but even get instant promotions before starting. I'm pleased to have avoided a workplace environment where I say "good morning" and my coworker sees me and utters nothing but a disappointed "oh." because I'm the bearded nerd intern and not the smoking hot twenty-something intern they used to have. Because I'm a man, I have avoided all of these unpleasant situations which I have described with suspicious specificity.
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