When will Bethesda games have bearable melee combat again?

Morrowind's melee combat was kinda ass, but the speed of the animations made up for that Oblivion's melee combat gets a pass because you're allowed to cast spells with your hands full (The best combat of any Beth title, imo) Skyrim's melee combat was back to being ass, but this time it's slow ass. I've actually never played through Skyrim as a warrior. The only melee build I've ever had was an assassin I _want_ to play a melee character in Fallout games. I _want_ to use the shishkebab. But the one-button melee combat without any possibility of an offhand weapon is so terribly boring that I can't make it more than 30 minutes before falling asleep ---- I'm going to answer my own question here and say that Beth titles will only get bearable melee combat when/if they get a new engine
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