God, what a buzz word. Still. How many years later? You guys don't even know what it means. You just slap the tag on someone you don't like, and use it to report people. "report so & so, toxic" Do you know what it means??? It means they're unhealthy for the game. Guess what? If you're playing ranked and you have no idea what you're doing - and I mean truly, no idea what you're doing, no concept of timely objectives, where to be and why, think you can afk shove a lane all game and you're doing your part, things like that - then YOU'RE toxic. Not the person flaming you for it. The person whom you ignore, because you refuse to accept your mistakes & learn. YOU are the toxic player. NOT the frustrated person who's going to lose a game just because of your actions & not pulling your weight, and basically unintentionally griefing 4 other players every game. League has this ass-backwards mentality that you're allowed to do WHATEVER you want in-game and it's Ok because it's just a game, but the moment someone gets mad about it, they're the toxic ones. Obviously some people ARE actually vocally toxic. But I GUARANTEE everyone reading this thread has reported a false-toxic player because YOU, THE READER, were the true-toxic one. God. The most abusive kind of person is the one that can make you lose games AND get you silenced because you became frustrated at them. It's too much power.
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