I'm trying to take feedback about my posts seriously.

But when my gameplay post gets deleted where I mention a skill, I say it isn't working logically, and what i'd like to see it do gets removed as a "rant" when there's no caps, no swearing, no saying anything negative about Riot or the balance team and half the page constantly is "THEY DUN FUCKED UP DIANA NOW" and the body says "I DROPPED FROM S1 TO S3 IN A FEW DAYS" and it is considered "gameplay" i'm just at a loss. or the guy complaining that Soraka was banned in their games and they can't use their new 35$ skin and again, it's left alone, and they're actively flaming everyone in the replies I just don't feel like there's any consistency with the rules at all and it's like the game itself, you just have to accept that no one is actually taking it seriously.
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