Retire this POS and bring back legacy client pls.

Client is absolute dogshit !! Actually no, dogshit would run better than this. Everyday I have to recheck sums,runepages etc because everything resets on every single login... And champ goodness I want to kill myself when in champ select. I legit have to turn off whatever else I'm doing because I will actually dodge of how shitty this client runs. If I have browser running it will take me approximately 15-20 secs just to ban a champion. And then we get to my pick phase, when I 100% turn off everything to lessen the risk of dodging unintentionally.... And to top it all off I have to pick one time just to be sure the client doesn't throttle. I've honestly lost count how many times I prepick Lee Sin and would change my mind to TRY and pick Jarvan IV but the client is like "Nah fam, you've already made your choice" , and simply cannot pick anything else and I have to stick to what I initially clicked... Another one of my favourites is the 3 MB update that requires 20 mins to apply.... In game everything is fine. Say what you want about legacy client but I can't recall anything being worse than this shit.
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