"Rift Rivals is a joke, guess I'm out of a job, it's fun but they screwed up" -Rekkles

https://youtu.be/oy5m2LMdBRw whatever riot _*Edit: Here's some timestamps, though I still recommend watching the whole thing if you have the time_ "Guess I'm out of a job": **5:16** "It's fun but they screwed up": **6:41** "It'd be fine if it was slower": **7:43** "I could play Funnel, but it's to easy to exploit" **8:23** "I went from 10 to 0 ADC to play" (Lucian, Ezreal and Kai'Sa mentioned): **10:09** "Riot screwed up, but it's ok, they often do it anyway": **14:30** "Rift Rivals is a Joke": **19:20** "They're desperate to make Rift Rivals matter": **23:28** "It's worse to go to Rift Rivals than to not go": **24:36** _*Edit 2: The topic was discussed further in the latest episode of Hot Line League. Both sides of the argument contribute to the discussion_ https://youtu.be/7aI1KVxHxX4 You can watch from minute **44** to **59**
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