Mord is a bit too OP

I know the release of Mord's rework {{champion:82}} took everyone by hype cause we all got to see a og character getting a massive change and everyone loved it (besides missing the pizza feet) but in my opinion RITO, Mords Rework is way to over powered as 7 straight games I had was against a Mord and every fight I have lost so many times changing my builds, changing my strats and even playing fricking teemo, but no matter what I do he always wins, he wins team fights at low level way to easy, he scales way to fast and way better than any champs that I know and some how he always manages to out scale anyones life steal with his passive combine with his W, pls for the sake of the low elo players tweek him a bit so we all aint trhowing our PC's in the bin thxs :D
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