Riot is Deleting Dissenting Voices on The Boards

Riot is removing comments on posts concerning the recent events, I noticed it when a post of my own was removed from a comment. For clarity, the comment I replied to was one which started with "As a girl" to which I replied, that no one cares if she is a girl, and that the entire heart of the issue is that caring about who people are is stupid, the only part that should matter is that they are a free thinking person. Additionally, if she wants people to treat her not "as a girl" then perhaps thats not how she should start her statements. This is not a violation of community guidlines (I checked) there is nothing bigoted or unacceptable about the comment. It is on topic to the post, and it is league related. None the less, the comment was deleted, without any notification to me that it was. Not only is Riot refusing to punish what their employs are doing they are now covering up dissent regarding them
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