so i got a 25 game suspension lol

so i said to another player "not my fault you dove in and killed yourself " after that i said "report riven for flaming me" i said that last statement like 3 more times over a 40 min game and 1 time post game so after a 25 game chat restriction whats next? permaban ? 14 day suspension? THE VERY FIRST THING THEY DID WAS JUMP ALL OVER THE FACT I TOLD THE GUY HE "KILLED HIMSELF" (do they ever read the fucking comms period?) i contacted riot games cust service via live chat they told me it was a justified restriction, to not worry ill have my chat restriction off in 25 games they said "its not like your suspended its just a warning" but let me ask this IS A WARNING NOT ONE STEP CLOSER TO PERMABAN???? its this backwards mentality that is killing league i mean they said they would not not that they could not remove this from my account and they said it was just a warning but its like this them warnings stack up and soon i will be suspended from the game period and then the next step is permaban for this shit the report system is broken as fu*k say 5 words directed at the wrong person esp if they are in a group you will be punished !!!!
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