Urf this year is extremely disappointing you cant pick your own champion and the only champions you can get have to have a snow skin or something snow related everyone was extremely hype for urf but it turned out to be a total let down half the time the teams are extremely unbalanced and unfair not only that the login screen isn't even urf its still the snowdown showdown what happen to the original urf where you can ban and select champions that was super fun and urf is suppose to be only once a year not im not looking forward to it at all they should redue urf in like a month or something with the original urf its extremely fun or at least Sell the Urf Game Mode so people who buy it are the only ones who can play it or something extremely fun I miss having to ban and pick champs of my choosing now its these support champs and only like 3 or 4 OP champs you can get its always the same and its not even fun to be honest, Id say do it for the exp but Urf was a total let down this year and I am extremely disappointed in it. What are your thoughts?
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