A Revival of Two Champs (Azir & Anivia)

Hello all! I believe this is my first post on the discussion boards, but I believe it is a topic that is worth discussing: _Switching the passives of {{champion:268}} and {{champion:34}} ._ I know for many people, making a change, especially around abilities that define a champion is difficult, but please hear my argument. **Thematically it fits** {{champion:268}} is a fallen emperor who rises to fight again against the evils of {{champion:101}} . By giving him Anivia's rebirth passive, he will literally fall in battle and rise again to take back the fight - similar to a desert Phoenix. {{champion:34}} is a protector of her lands. By giving her Azir's passive, she gains a structure that is specifically designed for defense. **It fits each champion's gameplay mechanics** {{champion:268}} is a DPS champ with an ability set that, when utilized correctly can be a powerful engage tool. I am, of course, speaking of the Shurima shuffle. By giving him Anivia's passive, we can reward players for making a powerful engagement while punishing him for losing his passive. {{champion:34}} is a queen of sieging towers, and Azir's passive only adds to this ability. Anivia's current passive, rebirth, feels more like an undo my mistake button, and if she is played correctly, isn't even used very often except for baiting (at lower elos). Having towers, on the other hand, gives Anivia a way to accentuate her focus on siege. I want to bring this out to the community (And maybe even Rioters). For me, I think it will massively improve gameplay for both of these champions without making the champions any less useful. Thank you for taking the time to read this post! **TLDR;** Switch Anivia & Azir's passives as they fit the alternative champion better.
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