Riot conspiracies that might be 100.001% true.

From what I've seen, just like Blizzard, Riot is censoring their boards, social media, and yes even riiiddit in order to maintain a good public image for their business. Anything negative about them will be removed and whoever posted it will be silenced, possibly Clintons style. From what I've observed, Riot might have their own bots which they secretly sneak into our games. They also probably fund the issue and squash any competition that comes their way. Just like how law enforcement are profiting off dangerous neighborhoods and prisons. From what I've eye balled, Riot might have a deal with 3rd party ticket sellers and is letting them know in advance when they will sell their ticket on their website so they can park their bots and buy all of the tickets, Think about it, if Riot sells a ticket for $50, the 3rd party buys all of them, makes the demand scares, and resells it for $500 that's a 1 with a lot of 0's percentage profit. Why sell stocks when you can sell and monopolize tickets for more than 100% of the price? From what I've sensed with my optic sensory organs, riot probably has a fleet of employees to work on boards to upvote, downvote, and remove what they want. Never trust a corporation like riot, you wouldn't trust a synth, would you? Alpha le grand le alpha le male le out!.[/img]
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