Why do I see people acting like the old Aatrox was some amazing design compared to the new one?

Kit-wise, I mean. I can understand not liking the new Aatrox and preferring the play-style of the old one, but acting like it was some special thing just seems stupid to me. Especially when old Aatrox was countered by Thornmail _(or even just Bramble Vest)_ harder than anyone else in the game. Like, for other reworked champions I can see some of the charm in their old kits, but I'm just not seeing anything in old Aatrox besides him being a different flavor of Xin Zhao (dive in, knock up the enemy, and auto until either somebody dies or you get CCed, while having bonus healing/damage every third hit). Hell, I had someone try to tell me that Aatrox's old E wasn't a poke spell, when it's the textbook definition of a poke spell.
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