With the anniversary of Clash's intended release coming up, can we get an update on the mode?

A few weeks from now, it will be the anniversary of Clash's botched initial worldwide release. Everyone who was around and excited for the mode knows how much of a disaster it was, it was handled extremely poorly. That being said, the NA one day Clash test a few months back was some of the most intense fun I've had in League for a while. Even though most of my friends have quit, my one friend who still plays a ton and I found 3 randoms and won one of the two games. Having the banner has been cool ever since. I'm worried that the complete silence on Clash for months means Riot is either not making progress or has given up on the mode entirely. I know recent beta tests outside of my NA region haven't gone well, which is a shame. I was just wondering if there was an update or if the server issues are just going to be a damning problem that can't be overcome.
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