Does Riot understand what they just did?

Riot mentioned in their post informing everyone of Eternals, that this was their most sought after request, tracking of numbers, skill, etc. They actually listened, But then stabbed the player base in the back, and twisted it when they said how you can only purchase them for RP. Of fucking course they did. I'm surprised anyone is even shocked at this shit anymore. The survey's at the end of the game and the polls they take are being used exclusively to see what people want so they can make a buck on it. Not a dumb idea. But imagine how the people who love your game feel, when they are told: "Hey, we listened to you! We we've got your back, summoners. Look at this great idea that everyone will love! ***You have to pay for it, though***." The idea of having to pay to show how good you are at your main, the champion you are dedicated to playing in Riot's game, the champion you already own all the skins for. You have to pay. Not surprised for this. I can imagine wanting to pay your employees for the work they do on this amazing game, but I can't help to feel this is going to far. I also think this will worse the games toxic status between the player bases. Those without the excess money with taunt and make fun of those who spend the extra money for their Eternals just to show how good they are, and those who choose to buy them may do just the same because they cannot afford to purchase them. This just feels like a bad. Damage control is going to be rough on this, there are 1 or 2 posts on the boards defending it, 0 responses from Riot (that I've seen), and 75% of the boards are posts like this one.
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