Why riot’s approach to league is the leading cause for toxicity

Hello, I’m a gold 3 JG/ADC main and have been playing this game for about 3 years. I realize that I may not be the most qualified person to talk about player behavior or game development, but I feel that a topic must be brought up, and it seems as if no one else is talking about it. I started getting into grinding ranked in season 8, and since then I have played about 750 ranked games. I have climbed out of the depths of bronze twice and have climbed 7 ranks in both seasons. The point im trying to make is that I've become quite accustomed to ranked and the toxicity that one must deal with to climb. This brings me to the topic I'd like to discuss; it is my belief, that the reason ranked is so toxic, is not due to a toxic community, but instead a gamestate that draws out the worst in people. The current approach that riot has towards the game, is to enable players to carry games, This trend started towards the end of season 7 and has brought us into the current snowball meta. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being able to carry a game, but the way it is being done is very negative for the game. When stomping a lane, a player can often get spring boarded to a point to where they are essentially a god who does as they desire on the rift, and will carry their team to victory with little counterplay from the opponent. This has forged an attitude of “I must win my lane more than my teammates lose theirs”. This is obviously very frustrating because unlike other games where a bad teammate just means you are playing essentially a 4v5, in league it feels like your playing a 4v6. This is because the player’s poor performance is springboarding the opponent to a point to where it’s impossible to deal with them unless you are equally fed. This is why I feel the bulk of the flame in league is directed towards teammates, because in the current gamestate your teammates are often your biggest problem. How should we fix this? Obviously outright nerfing snowballing isn’t the option, I should feel rewarded for playing well in lane, BUT, maybe transition it from springboard a laner ahead, to more, putting down the enemy laner. This way when winning lane, you are still having a notable impact on the game, without making the enemies have to deal with an oppressive fed laner getting pentakills just for looking at the enemy team. My suggestion is to decrease base kill gold slightly (~250) and to remove XP gain from kills and assists, also make kill gold decrease much quicker (250/200/150/100/50) and instead of making kill gold reset on getting a kill, make it increase by 100 on kills and 50 on assists. (this only applies until hitting 250, after that it would just go into current bounty system). To compensate for the decrease in kill goal and experience, I suggest increasing death timers. These changes will hopefully make it to where instead of a winning lane getting an enormous gold and experience lead over everyone in the game, it gives them a much more manageable gold lead compared to other lanes, and instead sets the opponent laner further behind (due to missed cs during respawn). This will also move the emphasis from just getting a kill, to properly using the respawn of opponents to generate leads. A change that along with making a much healthier solo queue environment, would likely benefit the competitive environment. **TL;DR** Make it feel less oppressive to deal with an opposing fed laner without making it feel like winning your lane isn’t impactful. Make kills more about using respawn timers than the straight gold and experience given Please Upvote if you liked and feel free to comment any questions or opinions, this took quite a while to make so I'm hoping for it to get some traction <3. Have a good day and thanks for your time. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} - iPogoZ
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