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I play in one of the Garena servers of SEA. The reason i'm here is because we have no forum there,we have no community like this one,we dont even have a way to get into the PBE. Now the point of this post is that we dont have any player support! Yes...we dont have any way to contact the Garena authority about any ingame issue,missing purchase,complains or whatever. This article was posted about launching a support site for garena servers : It says if you need to send a ticket about a problem you'll have to press the 'Get Help'option. Now the option does appears if you click on any of the given article like this one for example : you can see the Get Help option at the bottom of the page. But if you click it , it takes you to a support site for Free Fire which is Garena's fps battle royal type game (not sure..havent played that game). So there is no way to contact Garena.You can only send a bug report from the client and thats it. Now...i play in The singapore(SG) server though i'm from Bangladesh and there is no other nearby server for many people from Bangladesh, India and other nearby countries play in the SG server...and we do play with passion. We even organize regular tournaments.Also there are more well organized larger tourneys. One such tournament can be mentioned which is currently going on is Rise of Legion leauge of legends india tournament powered by Intel. We may not have a server for us but we do play with passion and love this game.We have our selfmade facebook community I dont know if the Vietnam server also faces such support issues cause Vietnam is special is their eyes. But we are suffering. Can any rioter give me any hope? Or we just dont matter and fit in the bigger scheme of LoL.
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