So, with how much Rift Herald matters these days, I'm wondering...

Why hasn't it become standard practice in competitive play for the duo lane to swap to mid lane at 9ish minutes? The whole reason for the duo lane being in bottom in the first place was to establish control and rotation priority over the nuetral objective in close proximity (the drake). But Rift Herald at 10 minutes these days arguably is a better and more impactful objective than any 10 minute drake. Duo lanes swapping to mid at that timing would put them in proximity to either objective and put the primary warding champion in position to establish vision control over both objectives as well as put more pressure on the most important turret to take from the enemy team if they don't match the swap. I've been rather expecting this to become common place for the last 2 months but it just hasn't and, to me, it seems like a pretty big failing on the part of pro players to recognize this is likely the correct strategic play 100% of the time. It's absolutely without a doubt the correct play if the drake is on a respawn timer. You see this or something similar every once in a while from teams around the world, but it has not become standard practice and does not happen in the majority of the games. Why are pro players taking so long to realize this?
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