LeaverBuster is a joke and doesnt afraid people, instaed riot is promoting people of afking.

Im a gold 3 player, and playing at night is almost impossible, starting with having 3 golds, and 2 silvers (these silvers are ussualy jungler or support) and by this they start to do idiot calls, like starting baron with low hp, going aggro while i dont have any form of desingage kill. And because of it when mostly likely they fail calls, or they just say fck this im going to quit, press alt f4, and even if the leaverbuster catch tthem, what will u expect 20 minutes ban, like wtf, this bullshit comparing to blizzard, ow,or even counter-strike go. Idc if there was a fcking tempest, thats not 100% fault. This 2 games makes peoples a little bit harsh, theres lower changes of someone quitting, yet it doesnt stop them from quitting ofc, but the changes are old. Im talking specialy about ranked game, not normal games that nobody gives a damn shit. Pressing alt f4 just to wait 20 minutes wow, that really prevents anyone from quitting or atleast put some "high changes" of someone not lefting. Back at season 4 when i was bronze 2 and i quit 5 games in a row and got me into a 1 week ban, it was welldeserved, (just for curiosity i play since season 4 back at velkoz first teaser 27 february 2014) yet this is my 5 account the otthers rip. Also dont get me wrong the only reason ur hardstuck silver is because ur own behavior "blah blahh im hardstuck silver because of my r-tards teammates" . i SAY STFu because when i was silver, on 3 differente accounts i was able to getout off silver playing as adc, ttheres no such thing that i hate more than silver players in league of legends. Most of the games are likely lost, because u decide to make shitty calls and proceed to leave. Im talking specialy to u NUNU who were 2/9 and decided to ragequit, gosh i hate silversplayers so much.
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