Problems with league

riot puts all this time into making interesting champions, only for overpowered champs like yi, vi, and yasuo to be picked most games and tryndamere the split pushing god jax maybe too issue is that these champs are split pushing gods and make the game unfun in some manner, they just apply too much pressure on their own it's just so frustrating to see yi 1v5 my entire team or apply that level of pressure, because they could kill 2 people and the other 3 can't outdmg him in time. i'd be happy if there was a no hyper pushing queue, where I could rest easy knowing that yi or yasuo or tryndamere will not ruin the gaming experience for me yasuo lategame just lifestealing casually 1v5ing the entire team regardless of tank, or adc xD which drives me to the other part, smurfing, and teambuilder there should be an option postgame to recognize someone as too good for an elo, so they don't make the game unfun for bronze players having a gold level yasuo or plat tryndamere, or its corrected quickly rather than 20 games of this guy just rolling through new players and making them hate the game for this experiences teambuilder was fun, maybe bring back some variant of it. where you could communicate in a lobby before you go into queue, about how you want to win the game, what drakes are most important for our team maybe a timed lobby of about a minute, for some discussion, Also it might be an interesting mechanic to allow teams/maybe 1st picks to roll for drakes Or even negotiate, ban picks, We'll give you yi, if you guys give us yasuo, that way games could be more interesting, by having a feature like that. negotiate peoples 1st picks where you want to win through botlane top or midlane. Early or Late scaling champions. It also allows you to get to know other potential teammates and expells angry players who might try to hold the team hostage because they aren't randomly queue'd into their games anymore solo queue is terrible for these reasons. is it really adequate skill? MMR score? or is it because this person can play a good yi, jax, tryndamere, garen while the other jglr tries to play more unique champs that don't put nearly enough pressure on the map
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