I'd like to bring a new phrase into somewhat common usage: Zoe Syndrome

https://i.imgur.com/lKGeDiS.jpg What's being depicted here is the phenomenon known as Zoe Syndrome, a state where a champion has either been **a) buffed too many times**, **b) avoiding significant, high demand nerfs** or **c) released with a kit that puts him/her/it into a state of absurdity**, to such an extent that the raw strength of the champion completely nullifies the impact that a player using them could have. In no way am I trying to flame Nisqy (or his KDA), Zoe mains, or any player, but people have felt this before. The hopeless feeling that no matter how strong your champion becomes, no matter how quickly their statcheck identity comes online in a match, and no matter how many plays you make.. if you *still* lose and the enemy/your teammates are in disbelief at how well you did, you ultimately had no effect on the outcome of the match. It was, based on uncontrollable factors (probably from one end of the map), inevitable. I'm only suggesting this because the idea of 1v9 gives the impression that such a scenario should only result in a powerful champion, like Zoe, hard carrying their team to victory. How often are high ranking Challenger players, such as TF Blade, described as 1v9 players? also yasuo and blitz syndrome need some company
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