NB3 and Nubrac both deserve to be ban, LOL

People are saying Nubrac is playing off meta.... Idiots don't understand the fucking difference between fucking trolling and playing off meta LOL Playing off meta is fucking going Zed support etc etc Not fucking queing Support and then pick Teemo and sat in Mid lane the whole game -------------------------- Most of us who aren't in denial knows that Riot Support Staff team are garbage, they don't do shit to help players ever to resolve their issue, rather they think they can just point out a solution and it's the final one you get. And you can't do a damn thing about it (RiotGames live a Dictatorship life, and they influence that into all their Employees/Staff/MODs etc) -------------------- NB3 uses his influence to get this troll Nubrac ban, I mean he should be ban for what he's doing but not the way it went like this. trolling is fucking difference from off meta playing Tyler1 the most toxic player in League history, RiotGames ban all his account but then what happen? They decided he has so much influence on their game, they invited him to play on the LCS Stage, funny right. RiotGames are all about no toxicity but lol And then there's also the situation long time ago, where a girl who use to work for RiotGames youtube channel. She goes by Melonie Mac something, her account got ban, and guess what, RiotGames decided to unban her LMAO If I remember correctly a Rioter told me, any "BAN ACCOUNT ARE NOT UNBANNABLE" no matter the situation, and yeah. --------------- But we live in a World where if you're a no one, you don't fucking matter and your attention and problem come last. But if you're someone with Influence and is popular, oh yeah we give you attention first and we take action immediately LMAO {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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