Real talk, I'm seriously debating whether I wanna play this or DOTA.

I started playing league because a bunch of friends played it too, and we would always be on together. Then I started playing with my cousin and other friends as well, who were better than my initial group of friends, but I would always be having so much fun. After a while, I noticed that I wasn't actually having as much fun because I felt like a lot of the times I died, it was impossible to outplay. I do not have god-tier reflexes, but I don't think that consistent 0.01 second reaction speed should be the most important factor on whether someone dies or not. For this reason, I'm thinking about joining DOTA instead of League, where at least during a teamfight, you can make several decisions that'll either aid or hinder your ability to fight successfully. Once I get my new laptop (Coming in maybe 2 days), I'll try out DOTA and compare it to League. If DOTA isn't the burstfest that League is right now, sayonara until I get bored of DOTA.
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