For the World Championship 2018, and beyond?

Do you think a battle pass could be implemented? Like how DoTA' has The Battle Pass, where you can buy it for $10, and it gives you certain things as you level up. maybe not call it a battle pass, maybe a "League Pass"? or something? For Worlds only, That's the only time you can buy this Pass, each and every year. So maybe like, for $10, you can have it be like this Initial purchase, unlock a random skin of RP value between 750-975 RP (You get your moneys worth) Level 5 unlock something Level 10, unlock something Level 20 Unlock Level 30 Unlock Level 50 Unlock Level 75 Unlock Level 100 Unlock Etc. etc. You can also then buy levels for 5 levels - $5 10 levels - $10 25 levels - $30 Also perhaps we could have a "league Plus" subscription, where you could pay maybe $5 a month (Just like DoTA) and get unique special missions only you have maybe you could get something like "Takedown 10 champions in a single game, +300 RP" "Takedown 3 towers in a single game 'you only' - 300RP "Get your CS / Minute to 7 cs / minute" - 300 RP THese little things you could do and it could make the game better, as you have more money to throw around at your studios which mean more money and more players, equals more reworks (faster) and more champ design (faster) Also if you own the pass, you can get all the skins for summoner's rift unlocked, (Bloodmoon, Winter Rift, Halloween, and the other ones) also unlock all the announcers in the previous game modes (GP, Thresh, Lux, etc) Thoughts?
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