A slew of people are now mad over DZK being fired.

Go through https://twitter.com/PeytonKoran retweet's It seems a lot of people are mad that DZK got fired and that we're the scummy side of league riot has appeased to. Also saw a tweet justifying sexism because women and other minorities have been abused. Makes sense i guess ??? I just wish to preface this. We did not go against the fact there WAS a panel that was made for women. I think it was a good gesture but the excution was bad. People bought tickets and rearranged schedules to go to PAX only to find out they can't go to a certain event they we're planning to go to. Had this been said before the ticket purchases or during it wouldn't have been a problem. It is kinda iffy seeing the event organisers for Riot trying to breed equality by segregating the two genders but honestly they wanted to make a difference and do good, that cannot be denied. All these people defending DZK have it wrong, it's not the fact he is a advocate and vocal on rights and issues, it's the fact he handled the situation like a child, he insulted players and people who simply wanted to talk. Passively told white men to kill themselves and just argued with people rather than saying his side and being the face of Riot as he was meant to be. We are not against women right, we are just against people who take strife of those who have been oppresses historically and mould into a narrative made to dehumanise or belittle another gender or race. I am not white but recently seeing all these "i hate white people" "all white people are racist" or making white people at the butt of every racist joke... We are going backwards. That's how Africans Americans we're treated until it slowly grew into something more monstrous and inhumane.
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