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I’m sure there are variations of this throughout the community, I just wanna figure out why it’s not added yet. Why can’t league calculate a MVP system (kinda like op.gg) instead of the hidden MMR. So that way if you are MVP you can gain maybe 3-5 more LP than normal, and if you are on the losing team MVP, you lose 3-5 LP less than normal. This doesn’t have to apply to every game; but only those that are obvious hard carries and attempt to hard carry but lose at the end. I don’t see why if I hard carried and 1v9ed a game, the 4 people who made it 3x harder to win get the same amount of LP as me. Likewise, I don’t see how if I’m the only one doing extremely good and still lose, why I lose same amount of LP as those who’s clearly trolling at that point. Just an idea to throw out. Not only will it reward people to try hard EVERY game since there’s a LP reward, but it’ll also change the attitude of league. It will benefit mostly those that are good players and not those coin flip players who just gain/lose 20 and keep flipping, doing the same thing.
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