Either the XP for leveling up needs to be lowered or BE needs to start being given for wins.

I've spent literally the entire day (from 12 in the afternoon till now) playing league to try and level up. I played a total of 15 games. When I finally do level up, what do I get for 12 hours of playing? 5 champion shards, those being Jax, Kayle, 2 Nunus, and a Veigar. And after disenchanting (all but Veigar) how much BE did I get? A grand total of 540 BE. Whoop de freaking do. And the Veigar would've just given me another 270. In the past this much playing would've landed me at LEAST double that amount. This new system isn't helpful or good for the players at all, it's frankly sickening. Why did you change it like this when you literally could start giving BE for wins if it's exactly the same as IP? I honestly hope this entire system just gets trashed and we get IP back.
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