Okay guys, here's the deal about that Kotaku article since I keep seeing so much talk about it

It's simple. This is a company founded by and run by an unscrupulous and immoral individual (Marc Merril). When the company has that person in charge for years a pervasive environment will, of course, ensue. There's no mystery about any of this, we've all known for YEARS that this was the case. Some people have regularly advised folks not to spend money on the game and other means of forcing Riot's hand to change how they handle their business and begin acting in a more moral and well meaning fashion. If you keep shelling over your cash you give the company the impression that the way they do business is acceptable and profitable and they won't bother to change things. The reality is that the culture they have as a business is our fault as a player base. We encouraged it, we paid them to do it. Complaining about it now just seems facetious. You know what you have to do if you really want change, we've always known, you just have to actually do it. The fact of the matter is the responsible party is us for creating a market in the first place for the type of activity that goes on there while we blindly demand more things we can throw cash at. This isn't a new story, this is a story as old as time itself.
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