Why are people so infuriating even in my wins?

https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2851610558/304881?tab=overview You see this? This game here? This looks like a game you'd be like "This game was pretty good. Everyone on ny team was (outside Karthus who got 1 shot all day but it's Karthus so whatever) pretty good." Fucking NOPE. You see that Morde? Yeah that guy, he was the bot laner. I was supposed to support him, and it felt weird at the start cause he sat pretty far back, I mean far enough back that the only way he was last hitting at the start was by using his W on a minion. But you know, it's morde, he's melee, fine. Except then we picked up 2 early kills followed by cloud drake and 2 more kills. So our bottom half is starting up 4-1. All in the like first 5 minutes. So he's gonna start being more aggressive right? After all we're up 4 kills, all summoners are down, and Kai'sa isn't really that mobile early on. Right? Fucking NOPE. Morde still goes back, sitting half the lane away farming purely with his W. Like nothing I can do because he just won't even go near the wave. It was just so fucking infuriating to have such a massive advantage and I STILL get the guy who's like "Nope, sit back, wait, farm." And I mean this guy was so far away from the wave and moved so little that our Trundle actually asked if Morde was fucking DC'd. Can this just stop Riot, please?
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