I refuse to buy skins anymore

I didn't play for most of season 8 and season 9. I come back to the skins being almost 30 dollars when bought in a bundle with chromas but there is no option to buy it without the chromas and get the borders on the loading screen. The shop is so predatory now it has to be feeding off of whales who just spend a shit ton of money on the game now. I don't want to spend another dime on a game that not only abuses its player base for micro transactions even if they are skin based, but also fails at designing their game for almost 3 years. The closest we got to a creep mitigation was like a 2% damage decrease last season and the damage in the game has creeped since I started playing by probably about 50-75%. That's not even taking into account mobility and utility creep. League of legends is just digging its hole deeper and deeper and they haven't learned their lesson yet. They are already struggling to keep up with player hemorrhaging from the game just from getting bored or it or tired of no fixes for recurring problems. The only reason I keep returning is I feel like I have investment in the game because I remember what the game used to be and hope for it to reach that point again, but every time I come back it just feels like the game gets worse and worse and makes me regret dumping all the money I have into this game because I was much younger and naive. The sad thing is I can still say that this game has been truly amazing and still has the potential. It's player base while shrinking is still pretty huge and Riot obviously is still getting the money to keep the game chugging, but Idk how much longer people can wait it out and I am thinking Riot may just have to do what my friends recommended a long time ago and just make a LoL2 so they can refresh the game and fix the base problems.
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