Aatrox - New and old Aatrox flaws and advantages [Comparison]

So I wanna talk about how vulnerable old Aatrox was and new Aatrox is, and if the rework helps or not (in my opinion) and also won't state numbers or cooldowns **Aatrox's passive:** Old Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Filling the bloodwell gives bonus attack speed Bonus attack damage Resurrection upon death Cons: Bloodwell easily noticed therefore the enemy can walk away when you fill up to 100 % Rapidly goes down out of combat with champions or monsters which leaves you open for harassment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Reduces healing and shielding Extra range Cons: Repetitive and not interesting complete waste of a passive although the shielding reduction is not very bad -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aatrox's Q:** Old Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: A gap closer A knockup in the center Good waveclear So it's good for catching someone or running away Cons: Can be interrupted Gives time for opponent to react (flash) Somewhat easily dodged ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: 3 knockups for each channel Bonus damage at the edges Big Aoe Good waveclear Reduces passive cooldown by 2s if you hit with the edge of Q Cons: Long time between each cast (atleast longer than riven's) Extremely easy to dodge at med-high elo Locks you in the animation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aatrox's W:** Old Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Built in lifesteal every 3rd attack Bonus damage in active W every 3rd attack filling 20 % of blood well (good for filling up to 80 % then jump using Q filling the passive) Good for lasthitting Cons: Only thing wrong really is the fact that it takes time for him to sustain due to his attack speed but it's very reasonable ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Good cc for positioning your Q Good for jungling (which in my opinion makes new Aatrox more viable in jungling) Cons: Very easy to dodge sideways which makes it useless -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aatrox's E:** Old Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Good range for poking Provides slow for engaging with Q Good waveclear Cons: Hard to land Deals low damage -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Good for outplays by positioning yourself for a Q bonus damage knockup Escape tool Fairly good AD boost Cons: Most ridiculous dash in the game visually and range-wise Low lifesteal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Aatrox's R:** Old Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: Gives high attackspeed 20 % bloodwell filled for every champion hit which brings you up to 100 % easily for your passive 100 % AP scaling and nonetheless has good range for dealing extra damage if someone runs away Very good attack range boost Cons: No cons, amazing ability (In my opinion) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Aatrox's pros and cons: Pros: High movement speed for engages 20 % more AD Bloodwell for resurrection Can move while reviving Good for diving Cons: Can be played around easily by waiting his R out then killing him Does not offer much as old Aatrox's R Fear on minions seems completely pointless Only 1 second on movement speed increase -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, comparing the voices, I don't even have to talk about that since it's kind of obvious to Aatrox players but I'll clear it out for non Aatrox players, Old Aatrox had a calm cold hearted voice which gave seriousness and a very strong badass attitude, with that in mind, being "Aatrox", the change in his voice completely changes his character which makes him feel like another champion and not the Aatrox we know, some people claim to "prefer" the new voice over the old one because they haven't played enough of the old Aatrox to know how he's supposed to be that serious and calm blood draining beast, the new voice ridicules him by being loud and full of himself and saying jokes that are completely pointless. So, for the voice, old Aatrox wins this one in my opinion and I'm sure many people out there believe so. Now for his visual update, I like his new looks except that he doesn't have any wings except for his R and the fact that he does not stand straight like old Aatrox, he kind of bends down and doesn't look as badass as he was, but to be fair, his increase in brightness makes him look good and more noticeable, overall, regardless of the old one being more badass than the new one, the new one still looks great and doesn't annoy much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having cleared all of that, a reminder, this is all in my opinion and coming from someone who played Aatrox for a very long time, before you disagree with me, I want you to honestly tell me, have you played old Aatrox enough and had the will to learn how he is played before saying he is trash? Which I guess this is the most common problem in all of the people who demanded a rework for him, let me know what you think. In case if I wasn't clear enough in the comparison, I am on old Aatrox's side but I appreciate the hard work done on new Aatrox but if he hits the live servers and the plan doesn't go as you wanted, I hope you take the right choice. Old Aatrox: Fight, and be remembered as a hero. Or Die, and be remembered as a coward. New Aatrox: GET A HAIRCUT --- THERE WAS A MEMO!
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