I'm just going to through out a topic to discuss because I realized that me giving my fact based opinion in this message board just warrants for very mean responses from people who don't want to understand whatever it is that I'm trying to speak up about because no matter what I'm always "stupid" and "wrong" so......anyways..... Just wanted to shine some light on Katarina since I feel like Riot and the league community has disregarded her as a viable champion since season 2-4 when everyone made riot nerf her ult and her e on top of the rework which I don't think made her any better or worse than she was before It's about to be season 10 and tanks/bruisers and ad assassins still dominate this game (has been for the last 3 years) Can I hope that Katarina will get a beefy buff soon to at least make her somewhat viable again so I can stop hating myself for having her as my favorite champion or should I just quit trying to escape silver with a glass canon with no cc? {{champion:55}}
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