I feel like game is not rewarding players enough.

Hello, I returned to LoL after long time but i find it hard to stay here for longer, after playing for so long Hots and Overwatch. Cosmetics earning ratio is really too slow compared to these games. It feels like the game is scrooge and give me worst chinese mmo experience with the economy, so it would be better if here was no freebies at all, as current system really leaves a bad taste. I played few days and still not earned any skin, instead "shards" of duplicated heroes, key "shards" and i can't even open chest to get my first skin or rather useless emoticon, because i'm still missing one key "shard". While in mentioned games i would already got some skins. So my first question is, when exactly i can expect getting my first skin for just playing the game? I understand that here is a lot of fillers in these chests such as emoticons like in blizzard games so that's why i'm asking. Another thing is, runes rework, i like the change, because i always felt that the runes is shady tactic to drain money from people who have to choose between to buy new hero or runes thus give the spenders advantage. Although is still limited because 3 rune pages is too less for amount of types and combinations you can do with these, so i see here is still some bait involved in it. But the most i don't like the fact that i spend a lot of hard earned points on these meaningless numbers that change little gameplay wise and when new system was introduced i got 0 compensation. While people who never bought any runes will still have more heroes than me. Not only that, my stats are gone, i played thousands of games and now my account looks like total noob without any game counter, time played or anything, so i feel like i wasted just a time in this game as it feels very unrewarding. Then the graphic overhaul, i like models update but i don't like the fact they completely changed design for some champions. I guess is just censorship involved and is more directed to kids who are biggest playerbase. As for example old Evelynn and Galio had controversial look for kids, the one wear domina suit and the other is a devil with horns (maybe has something to do to china too), the newcomer champion design is good to more generic, characterless look. The last thing is gameplay... i thought the Hots is fast paced game compared to Dota 2 but teamfights in LoL are just one-shots, i literally saw Thresh one hit Malzahaar, doesn't matter how he was feeded in good old times it wouldn't take place, hell, i remember when Udyr and Jax was overpowered like hell but they would never one-shot you! I guess Riot balancing now looks like this: if everything can one shot you then everything is balanced... So i feel like the game don't really care for veteran players at all, i remember when in hots they introduced new economic system and veteran players were rewarded generously, even more than new players.
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