Could we Please Touch up Sugar Rush Evelynn's Splash art?

Before I get into details, here are 2 comparisons, Riots Version: Retouched Version: I think the concept is very well, and as much as I personally and many others wanted Coven, Star Guardian, Louis Vuitton, etc. I think Sugar Rush Is such a wonderful concept for her, it gives off such a bitter sweet feel and the look is stunning, one problem I have with the actual splash art of the skin is that I feel her skin tone needs to be retouched as well as the hair...The skin is way too magenta and makes her look really sickly, I think toning it down and making her skin look more of a pinkish flesh would be perfect ( as displayed in the second picture ) Edit - I have also read your comments and looking at the remake, it is a bit too fleshy for her, although I will still stand to having the magenta toned down just a tad, but remaining the true pink color. Lastly, and I know yall are going to clock me for this one because I ALWAYS have problems with it, but her hair.... I think the two side twists and bangs in the front could be a little more free flowing and a little bit neater, the strawberry pigtails in the back are absolutely adorable, but the front just looks fucking stupid and I, personally, wish they were changed because right now the front looks like you guys didn't know what to do with it. OH, and one more thing, extend the claws to look more devilish and sinistar cause right now she looks like she gots glaze dipped bugles on her fingers. LMAO Reference if you guys don't know what BUGLES are, Tell me your thoughts, do you guys think these seem like reasonable changes? ā™„ļø
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