The events and marketing of League Through the Years

Howdy, summoners Something that is quite interesting for me is how through the years, I've watching how the marketing, advertising and design of League events, champions, and skins, have been improving or changing the perspective of the game itself. Analyzing the entire game through history is long but I will try to recap every part of the game when it was announced a new event, champion, or skin set. **EVENTS** I want to start with the first thing coming to my head when I mention marketing, according to my course in Design for marketing, any designer has to surprise the audience with content that is superior in the market, "there is a few things any design has to say yes, no and wow, the last one is the one you should aim for" **The Butcher bridge** The butcher bridge is great example of something never saw before as in those times, it was content that no one suspected including the inclusion of MF {{champion:21}} and {{champion:41}} Gp reworks, as the increasing amount of players in ARAM were happy for the new map and another product that should be including in league's store, Voice for announcer and for the first time "the missions" before they be added. **Odyssey** One very resent event (My favourite of the year) Odyssey mark and proved that Riot can still innovate with new ideas for universes, with one of the hardest challenges in the game in a new game mode In the process new marketing was sold out a few days after the events (I still want that jacket), a shame that Riot hasn't announced if those game modes will ever returned. **Who is a good boy** If something I have to clap my hand to Riot is always the April fools events every year, I'll bring the Cats vs. Dogs event because this time I didn't saw any Lux skin, and looks more likely to the decision of used specific champions such as {{champion:83}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:42}} just because they were the most stupid choices, they did not risk on taking safe choices on popular champions. It is important to mention the colour scheme for the Event is related always to rainbows, and using great contrast, witch makes the skin line up so attractive I think I should mention the best event made. If you lived that moment in 2015, a regular day in the patch, the client was filled with new URF content with the most awesome login screen made in the game[](*eCdlHjA0Rer3YlFH55BQOw.jpeg) A shocking moment in the community which it wasn't expected, and why I mention this events, well something that has changed in league are the events, any body remember Nexus Siege As much as I hate Star guardians I got to admit that was a fun game mode Doom bots when it was released is still very suggested by the community to returned Ascension how can I forget that game mode the last time I played it Urgot was In PBE **Champions** Finally the champions is a topic I really want to talk about, the main reason is how a champion popularity is affected in how they are presented, when is announced their impact is very important is a new concept, increasing the "hype" and I will take a few examples Deadeye, who murder this champions? **Jhin ** Something that really was interesting is the week when the teaser of Jhin was released the amount of theories was huge, an affected the popularity of Jhin, if play long enough, {{champion:202}} is a very popular ADC mostly of how his concept was accepted. **Kindred** Ah Kindred my favourite Champion, the moment when they were teased is unique, as the first hint were, when a champion died in the game a Mask was going to show up. For the player it was a mystery, who was the lamb and the wolf, and used to be when a champion was announced through easter eggs in the rift such as **Tahm Kench** You could here his laugh at the river **Kled** The LCS was covered in missing ads And the bushes hide something But not all the champion had good pieces of advertising, If I can be honest {{champion:420}} ,{{champion:246}} {{champion:163}} felt in poor reaction of the community. I felt like Illaoi never had a great hype like other champion as well as Qiyana. **Pyke** Him is an interesting topic since he was very disappointing after how the community react, since we expected a scarier champion, after the great work on how was teased. **Skins** The reason of why I created this is because, the skins had changed on how they are presented, as always expensive an no longer a respect to the character, what I mean with this, well first lets analyzed how the legendary and ultimate skins are now then used to be presented. The omegas It was very rare for riot released a legendary skin, before they made a huge work of marketing for the skin for example, Teemo omega squad, was another way to see Teemo and it was interesting to here the audios. The DunkMaster Even Darius had a great skin that completely changed the perspective of the champion even the community shared a part DJ Sona If you was lucky enough, Riot send a email to the players with a piece of music from DJ Sona Which by the way the skin was a very success that is still the mot popular ultimate skin right above GG MF. I guess it just bothers me of how some legendary skins are no longer so important like used to be, at the end is kinda interesting how some thing are presented with very good thoughts and marketing and others are just made just to sell. I hope arcade, harrowing, and other thematics will be respected and get the proper champions for skins or game modes, is nice that some universes get innovated with great production like High noon Sincerely a guy.
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