Personal research about inting people

I got restricted recently and lost my honor. So since it's impossible to get it up again I just thought it was a good time to just throw away the account. The reason i got restricted was because I "insulted" a player trolling and feeding (0.13.1 when we ff'd at 16m). So since the destiny of my account was signed I decided I'd follow the player on and see if he got punished too... but no. Since then I did the same exact thing he did to my game to every other game I played in. I've played more or less 40 games just to see if tilted people did get reported as well as the people tilting them for int/troll/feed. I received 5 tickets telling me my reports of toxic players worked. I've got no penalty whatsoever for my "bad" games. I think there is a big issue behind my experiment.
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