About 50%WR, 1.2MMR, and Stuck in B1

I started this season in Iron 3 and managed to drag myself through the very depths of hell all the way to Bronze 1. I've made promos in B1 twice and still lost both times even with the free win. I am getting so frustrated that I'm getting to the point of wanting to permanently delete my account. My first season in rank was Season 6 and I ended in B1. In Season 7, I managed to climb to Silver 3 before things got really difficult. I had spent an entire day last week trying to climb and found that I would be purposely loaded down with players who were either iron, below skill level, or not even done with placements and it really showed with how they played. I also get an overwhelming amount of players that either feed purposely, afk, or honestly seem to not know what they're doing. There is at least one per game out of the about 98 matches that I have played. I decided to see if I could get back to my promos this morning with 2 matches and with both games, I had some really trolly teammates. Specifically my S4 {{champion:266}} support in the first and the Iron 1 {{champion:80}} in the second game who kept ulting in and actually got more kills than I did as well as fed early game. What made the Pantheon game even more frustrating was the {{champion:20}} top that we had. Does Nunu top work? The Nunu even had the nerve to say that I was simply being outplayed by the enemy team's {{champion:89}} and {{champion:18}} which he wasn't entirely wrong about. But one very glaring flaw in that logic was that the Panth never ceased to engage which resulted in him starting off the first 15 minutes as 1/5 with me at a close 1/3 which later ended in my 1/6 by the end of the match, yet he ends with 6/9, I think. The moment I mentioned that maybe we didn't pick the right champion comp seeing as the enemy team had way more damage and hard cc, Nunu says "Our comp is fine. You're just being outplayed" as he continues to feed the enemy top {{champion:122}} and make sarcastic remarks at our 4/4 {{champion:33}} who's the only one without a negative kda. If you have any legit tips to help me, I would love to hear them. I took up {{champion:202}} for the first time this season, but I still haven't mastered him apparently but I try to pick him because he has means that I can use to escape if my support fails to peel me which is very frequent. I also find that he's very useful in peeling teammates. His high damage output is also very beneficial.
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