People who rage quit/afk games should lose the lp for all others

Ever had one of those beautiful games where one of your teammates dies once and decides it's game over so he leaves? I just had one of those and thought: These toxic players must be punished some way. It seems to me Riot believes this behaviour is not worthy of banning. So, what if they lost all the lps for their team and don't win any lps if the team ends up winning 4v5 (the way it is right now)? This way, these toxic players would maybe think twice before just giving up and leaving the game and people who actually want to win dont get punished for having a toxic player in their team. Let's say a guy goes afk when he was plat 4 0 Lps. He loses all the lps that his team would lose and drop immediately to gold 1. This kind of behaviour shouldnt be punished with a simple message and an input to type "I Agree" and some 10 minute queues. That won't stop anyone. Now, if their behaviour actually affects their rank only, I'm pretty sure even the most toxic rage quitters will try a little harder before just giving up. As we all know sometimes people have to leave games for IRL reasons but that shouldn't be an excuse for ruining 4 other player's games
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