Roadmap confirmed the new enchanter is female

And all I have to say is... Really? Didn't we just go through a whole scandal involving the stereotype of "only girls play support"? What's wrong with male enchanters? Taric can't be the only guy in the whole universe that feels like healing and shielding his teammates. There are plenty of men that like playing support champions, but the vast majority of support champions are girls. When this champion was teased, it said that this was supposed to be a "traditional" support, a return to the role's roots after Pyke, and it's worrying that Riot's vision of the "traditional" support is yet another female enchanter. A scruffy old Yordle cleric would have been adorable. I just feel like there's a huge lack of lighthearted male characters. There are very few male champions that aren't either edgy and serious or full of themselves (or both), and I was excited about the possibility of a male champion that was a little bit whimsical.
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