Anybody keep a running tab of how their games go? Check out my first 10 games

I thought it'd be interesting to write a quick blurb after each game about what happened. Only takes a minute. Here are my first 10 games after getting placed. Anybody else do this? I just did it on a word doc and copy/pasted it here. Seems like a good way search for patterns in my games. 1. Lost 32mins. I played WU jung and went 2/7. Nasus top did nothing literally the entire game. He got owned by a malph. He finished 0/9. Final score 36/17. They also had a yas for the wombo and their jungle shyv went nuts 12/1/10. GG good way to start the season. These players are really bad. They have very little awareness. Game was over at 20. 2. Lost 19mins. Wu jung 1/2. Mid talon fed zed 0/5 GG. My comp over heated and i d/c'd at the end but my team quit asap. The talon had not played a ranked game in weeks. His first game in ranked and he was my mid laner :) Also I looked up the zed mid before the game and saw he had been doing well, i couldn't even get to gank mid before he started dying tho. He even died when zed didn't have ult ... wtf? 3. Won in 21mins, +25. Played ill top against irelia. Beat her hard from jump. Rammus tried to gank at level 6 and i turned it on them for a kill, from there I just pushed the lane hard and hoped ram would come. He never did but i denied Irelia farm and was up 199 to 135 at the end of the game when they FF'd. Other lanes did OK as well. Total score 15/8, i went 3/0/2. 4. Won in 21mins, +25. Played ill top aginst wu. I dominated, made wu a complete nonfactor in the game. CS was 139-70. Wu finished 1/3/1 and I finished 2/0/3. Neither jungler ever came top. Mid and adc did good as well. EZ win. Final score 24/14. 5. Lost in 34mins, -16. Played ill top against yorick. As usual dominated lane but did die once to a fidds gank. Got ganked again and turned it on them for a double kill. Unfortunately my team was brain dead. I went 5/6/5 with 210cs. My team combined for 15k/36d and not one of them had more kills than deaths. Bot lane died a combined 18 times, 9 a piece for mid and jung. This somehow happened with our jung not once coming top. Game was still winnable but they were ahead heavily after the mid way point and would have had to really fuk up. Actually the game probably wasn't winnable, it was just the illusion that it was, our adc was just too bad. Our adc was 2/7 with 170 cs ... nuff said. 6. Won in 26mins, +25. Played ill top against riv. I died first :( but i came back strong and ended up dominating the lane. Ended up getting a kill on a dive with jung hec. Mid ekko went 8/1 so we rode this game out strong final score 21/9. I went 3/1/4 with 234cs. Once again tho just pure lane dominance. Even up to the 2nd tier tower, i just push hard af and hope their jung comes for the easy 2v1. I'm learning that you just have to keep pushing with ill, hope your team can win the other lanes. 7. Lost in 40mins, -16. Played wu jung. Game was well in control for us and we threw mostly because our panth top sucked and their fiora went 15/7/13 with 235 cs. Panth was 5/12/4. We lacked communication. At one point we had two open inhibs and couldn't get them. They pretty much stalled the game out, let fiora farm up, and then won a teamfight to change the tides. I did really well but couldn't carry. 10/5/9 for me with 258 cs. 8. Won in 20. +23. Played garen top. I gave up first blood to sion. Started LS with 3 pots and just misplayed. BUT! my team carried the shit out of the game. Jinx went like 13/0 and yas mid handled an ori no problem. I finished 1/2/3. So awesome to play like ass but get a win haha. 9. Won in 17 without ff. +25. Total domination. Played lux mid won easy but every lane completely crushed. I crushed a brand mid. Finished 4/0/10. Team won 30/2 lol. Trist went 16/0. 10. Won in 25, qual for promos. Played ill top against jax. Poor guy could do nothing. He did a good job of not dying but at one point it was 140-70 in cs. Their sej FINALLY came top and I double killed. Game ended 10/5 so super low amount of kills. Seemed like every lane just kinda did what I did. Didn't win with kills but out cs'd and kept the pressure. EZ game.
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