The Windwall

Why in the world can Yasuo block half of the things he can block with his windwall..... Like I get basic projectiles and things like Heimer rockets or a skill shot or even an Ezreal ultimate or something like that. But why in the world can it block Ornn's ultimate. Ornn summons a MASSIVE. LAVA. Elemental that STAMPEDES towards him... and runs into a light breeze and is dismantled immediately. If he can block that why can he not block things like Ornns E. Also, why can he block Ornn's Q when it travels UNDERGROUND. Last time I was underground. I did not feel any wind. Just rocks. Some people say. Why don't you just save your ultimate until after the windwall. Well to that I say, why doesn't Yasuo save his windwall for my ultimate. This is especially hard when I literally blow a horn to let Yasuo know to throw it up. Has anyone else had some abilities that are blocked by this totally balance ability that they think is really cool and are completely fine with like me?
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