I don't appreciate the game forcing a rank on me.

Wins are +13 LP, losses are -18 LP. My last 4 games all had afk's. Before that, junglers that go 1/1/1 in a 30-30 game. Support Sions that full aggro run it down, live or die, every respawn no matter what. Top lane Mundos that get 50 CS 26 minutes into the game. Junglers that go 6/29, a kind of score I haven't seen since my account was level 3. Other afk'ers... Just all sorts of crap like this. In the past month, the enemy team has had an afk 2 times total. I've kept track. So don't give me the, "This happens to everyone," routine. Because it doesn't. Not this kind of volume. My account is being forced into deranking, and I do not appreciate it. And Riot needs to know that not EVERYONE is a fanboy that turns a blind eye to their shady practices.
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