Please do something about Elise.

For all of you who don't know, Elise is in a pretty bad spot right now, mainly with her bugs. I have M7 on her, so I play her quite a bit and I can see a pattern of these things happening. First of all, her W, people who don't play her might not know, but you can make her volatile spiderling jump on a target if you use the spider Q before it explodes, have to be pretty quick, sometimes when I succeed at this, the volatile just randomly decides to walk away AFTER it jumped on the target, and just walks away from it doing no AoE dmg to it. Secondly, more importantly, her E (spider form), now this is the more important one. Often, more than the volatile one, the E just doesn't work at all. even if you spam press it it just won't send you into rappel, I feel like this especially happens when someone can be within your rappel range. very annoying as they can get away and you're barely get any sort of movement in your kit, even if it doesn't bug and sends you into the air anyways, it won't send you down on the target either and you're just hanging in the air there until they're completely out of range. I'm pretty sure I'm not just hallucinating with this E bug, I have seen plenty of other people post about this. To end this off, please let me know if I missed anything, and let me know if you disagree or agree with me.
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